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Datapath Vision SC - UHD video capture cards

With the professional AV market adopting 4K UHD technologies, Datapath now offers video professionals the ability to simultaneously capture multiple 4K, ultra high definition, video feeds each at 60 frames per second. The new VisionSC range of capture cards feature a generation 3 PCIe x8 interface with DMA bandwidth of 6.4 GBytes/second.

  • Multi-channel video and audio capture cards
  • PCI Express x8 (Gen 3)
  • Data rates: up to 6.4 GBytes/second
  • Video capture memory: up to 768 MBytes
  • Resolutions: up to 8k x 8k
  • UHD video signals
  • Digital audio capture through HD channel

Datapath VisionSC-DP2

  • 2-channel video capture card
  • 2 x DisplayPort 1.2 capture: 4k, UHD at 60 fps
  • 768 MBytes video capture memory

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Dual Channel DisplayPort Video Capture Card, PCI-Express x 8 (Gen3)

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4-Channel HD-Video and Audio Capture Card, PCI-Express x 8 (Gen 3)
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