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Opto Engineering LWIR - Infrared Optics with Large Field of View

Opto Engineering LWIR is a family of longwave infrared lenses specifically designed to operate in the 8-14 µm wavelenght region with uncooled detectors (a-si, vOx). The lenses can be equipped with any custom mount interface at no additional cost.

In the design of the lenses, great importance was attached to a good image quality and a large aperture (small F-number).

These lenses, mounted on an uncooled LWIR camera are the perfect choice for a variety of applications spanning from industrial to military, including temperature measurement for process quality control and monitoring, predictive maintenance, imaging through smoke and fog, medical imaging.


  • Focal length: 35.00 mm, 50.00 mm and 75.00 mm
  • Circular field of view up to 33.4°


  • Wavelength: 8.0 µm to 14.0 µm
  • Average transmission: 90%
  • Distortion: 0.20%
  • Optical interface: custom mount
  • Equipped with locking screw
  • Hard Carbon (HCAR) coating on lens' external surfaces

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Model Manufacturer Focal length (mm) Camera mount (optics)
OE LW 03514 Opto Engineering 35 M46 x 1/ custom
OE LW 05014 Opto Engineering 50 M46 x 1/ custom
OE LW 07514 Opto Engineering 75 M46 x 1/ custom
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Opto Engineering LW 07514
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