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Sony XC-EU50

The XC-EU50 is an extremely compact, lightweight camera sensitive to ultraviolet light around the so-called ‘i-line’ with a wavelength of approximately 365nm.

Typical applications include the inspection of PCBs and solder joints, the verification of document authenticity, microscopy, medicine and cosmetics.

Because it captures images at very short wavelengths, the XC-EU50 is able to detect fine details and surface structures which would be unrecognisable using visible or infrared light. These include small scratches, dust or damage. Applications with special fluorescent materials are also possible.


Miniaturised monochrome camera sensitive in the near ultraviolet spectrum

  • 1/2" IT CCD
  • 752 x 582 pixels
  • Sensitive to wavelengths between 300nm and 420nm
  • CCIR video standard
  • Internal or external synchronisation (HD/VD)
  • Shutter to 1/10,000s
  • S/N ratio: min. 60dB
  • Manual gain or AGC
  • Dimensions 29 x 29 x 32mm
  • C-mount lens connection

Please order HIROSE 12-pin connector or tripod mounting plate separately if required. Available with the EIA video standard with the corresponding pixel count and frame rate.

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