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Tamron M lenses - Megapixel lenses for sensors of up to 2/3''

The Tamron M lenses are suitable for max. 1" sensors. They use a very compact design and are available in different focal lengths from 6mm up to 50mm.

The M118 lenses reveal their maximum capability in macro applications. Furthermore, the minimum working distance has been considerably reduced. For example, the distance for the 16-mm model was reduced from 0.3 m to 0.1 m, for the 25-mm model from 0.25 m to 0.1 m and for the 50-mm product from 0.5 m to 0.2 m.

According to Tamron, the M23FM lenses are ideally suited for use with high- resolution cameras with up to 6 megapixels and provide crisp and clean pictures from the image centre to the edges with low chromatic aberration and distortion and high edge illumination. Even when tested with 10 megapixel cameras and 1’’ sensors the lenses achieved excellent results.

Furthermore, the M lenses are resistant to shock and vibrations, thus assuring high optical quality even under rough industrial conditions. With their high durability thanks to metal mounts and components, they are particularly suitable for use in factory automation.


  • Compact megapixel lenses for 2/3" sensors
  • Available in focal lengths between 6 mm and 50 mm
  • Reduced minimum object distances
  • Filter thread M25.5 x 0.5
  • Camera mount C-Mount
  • Locking focusing and aperture

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Model Manufacturer M.O.D. Aperture Focal length (mm) Camera mount (optics)
TAMRON M111FM08 Tamron 300 F 1.8 8 C-mount
TAMRON M111FM16 Tamron 300 F 1.8 16 C-mount
TAMRON M111FM25 Tamron 300 F 1.8 25 C-mount
TAMRON M111FM50 Tamron 400 F 1.8 50 C-mount
TAMRON M118FM06 Tamron 100 F 1.4 6 C-mount
TAMRON M118FM08 Tamron 100 F 1.4 8 C-mount
TAMRON M118FM12 Tamron 100 F 1.4 12 C-mount
TAMRON M118FM16 Tamron 100 F 1.4 16 C-mount
TAMRON M118FM25 Tamron 100 F 1.6 25 C-mount
TAMRON M118FM35-II Tamron 2000 F 1.4 35 C-mount
TAMRON M118FM50 Tamron 200 F 2.8 50 C-mount
TAMRON M23FM06 Tamron 100 F 1.8 6 C-mount
TAMRON M23FM08 Tamron 100 F 1.8 8 C-mount
TAMRON M23FM12 Tamron 100 F 1.8 12 C-mount
TAMRON M23FM16 Tamron 100 16 C-mount
TAMRON M23FM25 Tamron 100 25 C-mount
TAMRON M23FM35 Tamron 150 35 C-mount
TAMRON M23FM50 Tamron 150 50 C-mount
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Tamron FM23FM35
Data sheets
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Tamron M111FM08
Data sheets
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Tamron M111FM16
Data sheets
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Tamron M111FM25
Data sheets
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Tamron M111FM50
Data sheets
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Tamron M118 lenses
Data sheets
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Tamron M118FM06
Data sheets
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Tamron M118FM08
Data sheets
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Tamron M118FM12
Data sheets
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Tamron M118FM16
Data sheets
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Tamron M118FM25
Data sheets
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Tamron M118FM50
Data sheets
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Tamron M23FM lenses
Data sheets
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Tamron M23FM06
Data sheets
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Tamron M23FM12
Data sheets
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Tamron M23FM16
Data sheets
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Tamron M23FM25
Data sheets
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Tamron M23FM50
Data sheets
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