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RIC10 with 10 Gigabit Ethernet for High-Resolution & High-Speed Imaging

The new RIC10 camera family from VRmagic is a perfect choice for high performance imaging.

It is offering a variety of options regarding the image sensor: High speed with the CMOSIS CMV2000 or CMV4000, delivering frame rates of 338 fps (2.2 MP) and 180 fps (4.2 MP) respecively. Alternatively high resolution with one of three new image sensors from the Sony Pregius family, the IMX250 with 5 MP, the IMX255 with 8.9 MP, and the IMX253 with 12 MP. Furthermore, the device can also be equipped with an IMEC hyperspectral sensor.

The RIC10 supports 10 GbE as well as the new 5 GbE and 2.5 GbE NBASE-T modes, so that operation in networks with existing Cat 5 cabling is possible.

With a data rate of up to 1.25 GB/s, 10 Gigabit Ethernet is one of the fastest interfaces available on the market for industrial image processing. With very low latency and high image quality, 10 GigE cameras connect to standard network switches and interface cards using Cat 6 copper cables.

When developing the camera series, particular attention was paid to the needs of industrial customers with the robust IP65/67 aluminum housing and industry-grade M12 screw connectors.

Markets & Applications

  • Wafer, panel or PCB inspection
  • Image analysis in sport
  • Traffic
  • 3D structured light projection

3 reasons to use the VRmagic RIC10

You expect an extraordinary fast data transfer rate.

With a data rate of up to 1.25 GB/s, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) ranks as one of the fastest available interfaces for industrial image processing.

You look for a cost-efficient solution for long cable lengths.

The RIC10 transmits image data up to 100 meters using the same standard and widely available CAT6A Ethernet cables used in generic network installations.

This type of cable is considerably less expensive than CameraLink or fibre optic cables. Furthermore, GigE Vision and 10 GbE allow connectivity via standard network components rather than expensive frame grabbers.

You need a highly reliable data link.

The data transmitted via 10GbE is encoded in such a way that bit errors are detected and corrected, thereby avoiding data loss.

This error correction capability is inherent to the Ethernet standard and has proven itself to be reliable in industrial environments all over the world. Additionally, the packet resend feature of GigE Vision makes it possible to recover lost frames.

  • 10 Gigabit Ethernet with GigE Vision support; also supports 2.5G and 5G NBASE-T
  • Available with Sony Pregius high-resolution or CMOSIS high-speed imagers, alternatively with IMEC hyperspectral sensor
  • Rugged IP65/67 aluminum housing with several mounting options
  • 24 V supply
  • Digital, opto-isolated I/Os
  • Industry-standard M12 connectors
  • C-Mount lens mount with optional IP67 lens tube

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