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Zeiss Milvus

  • High-resolution lenses for detailed imaging
  • The low level of stray light allows high-contrast images for optimal results even in difficult lighting conditions, especially for high dynamic range (HDR) applications
  • Large rotation angle enables pinpoint focusing
  • The Floating Elements Design permits constantly high image performance in the focal plane
  • Robust metal housing
  • Designed to ensure full utilisation of the performance provided by high-resolution camera systems


  • Different focal lengths from 21 mm
  • Image circle: 43 mm (1.69'')

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Zeiss Distagon T2.0 35 ZF 2 Milvus
Data sheets
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Zeiss Distagon T2.8 21 ZF 2 Milvus
Data sheets
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Zeiss Planar T1.4 50 ZF 2 Milvus
Data sheets
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Zeiss Planar T1.4 85 ZF 2 Milvus
Data sheets
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Zeiss Planar T2.0 100 ZF 2 Macro Milvus
Data sheets
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Zeiss Planar T2.0 50 ZF 2 Macro Milvus
Data sheets
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